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Great Views
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SUS Pansiyon & Restaurant  -  Phone: +09 384 271 2584  -  Fax: +90 384 271 2493   -  email
The former donkey house
The Cave Bar

Cave Room

Cave Room

The Court

The Court

Breakfast on the terrace

The Terrace

 Walk:Uchisar, there and back again
 Eat:Haydari with fresh bread
 Valley:Güldere, down from Aktepe

Museum: The museum got real expensive in the last years.
If you have money and a serious interest in ancient religious art, you have to visit the museum.
If you just may get a bit of the feeling how ancient live may have been in Göreme, spare your money and visit some not so famous, but even more impressive churches like 'Jusuf Koc'.
Carolyn and Ihsan will tell you where to find them. (martin)

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FerudunSUS is a family run Pension.
Ferudun, the former chef of Göremes famous S.O.S Restaurant, now runs together with his son Gültekin S.U.S Pansiyon. It is located in the middle of the heart of Göreme.
The Pansion offers everything you may need to have fun during your holidays in one of the strangest landscapes on earth.
You get here clean and charming rooms, international satelite TV and cool drink's in the cave bar, as well as tips how to explore the surrounding valleys on your own.

This is not the official site of the SUS Pansion !
With this page, we will just recommend this friendly Pension.
Click here for the homepage of SUS Pansiyon.

HOW MUCH?    more or less    6 Beers!
To tell prices is not so easy. In the last year turkey underwent an inflation of 65%! Therefore sometimes Prices have to be adjusted.
So if you want to know the exact price, just call the pension.
But for an first impression just count with the price of 6 Beers per person, in a real nice room with private bathroom.
Breakfast is not included. The pension offers a wide varity of tasteful meals   
Rooms without shower ar even cheaper. And keep in mind, Göreme beer is much cheaper then at the coast or Istanbul.

View to Uchisar
View to Uchisar

To the West

View to the West

Göreme Kale in the north

Göreme Kale
in the north

Along the valley

Along the valley

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Beside your bed
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And don't miss the
Monday: Nevsehir
Friday: Avanos

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