Lieber Besucher, diese Seite hier ist gnadenlos veraltet!
Sie ist wegen einer fiesen Krankheit seit 2003 inhaltlich fast unverändert.
Göreme hat sich inzwischen sehr verändert. Aus manchen der hier beschriebenen Trampelpfaden
sind inzwischen von Touristen-Minibussen befahrene breite Fahrwege geworden.
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Where to eat in Cappadocia ?

For little money also in Göreme the 'haute cuisine' is hard to find.
This page is not about 'Guide Michelin' and his stars. This is about places where you get a hearty welcome and tasteful food for reasonable money.
And where, I am sure, you also will have a good time.

These are our first choices:

Frisches Brot, Schafskäse, Tomaten, Salz, Pfeffer.

Piknik in the wadis

Two small bowls,
a few real ripe tomatos (can you remember how they taste?),
white sheep cheese (beyaz peynir), salt, pepper and a piece of fresh bread.
All this in a valley under a shady apricot tree.
What will top this?

(And we are working on the problem with the missing fresh coffee after the meal.)

Hier holen die Einheimischen Ihr Abendessen.

Göremes most famous

Cappadocia Pide Salonu.

Okay, you won't get your beer here, as in all the other touristic restaurants. But you will see, this Salonu has something.
In Göreme this is more or less the only real turkish Lokanta.

And If you look at the armloads of Pide the villagers take away, you can see that the locals vote for it.

The Cappadocia Pide Salonu is located just behind the rows of teahouses in the villages center.
Our evening special was a vegetarian Pide with Ayran.

And you could do me a favor.
Please would you be so kind, and tell those very friendly girls who serve there from time to time, that I made up this page.
Thank you.

Unsere Gözleme waren fein!

Gözleme in the peaceful Cavuşin garden of

Cafe Welkom Masar

We speak just a few words turkish. But when we arrived in the garden of "Cafe Wekom Masar", the woman who runs it let a waterfall of turkish on us down. We understood only "Gözleme", but the whole presentation sounded like "We have very good Gözleme, if you like your Gözleme with cheese or cheese and tomato, may be a bit pepper, or would you like your Gözleme with..... and we have everything to drink.... So what's your choice?"

So we ordered (please=lütfen)
a not cold bottle of water (bir shishe su soug deyl)
and two mixed gözleme (ve iki tane goezleme karashik) and a cold beer (ve bir tane bira soug).
And it was prepared with love and served with a smile.
We did not ask for the price in advance. And when to all the kindness after the meal the teas arrived unordered, we had a bit fear that the price will also be special.
But I just can tell you - it is cheap
So don't forget the tip.

You get to this garden, if you just walk from the cafe under the big walnut tree just beside the great ruins down back to the village center. Behind the first crossing comes the public WC, the police station and - the garden.

And like above, please tell them that they are in the Internet. Thank You.

Ein Tip für einen Freitag

Under the trees in Ortahisar

Park Restaurant

If this place would be in Göreme, it would be crowded. But this is Ortahisar and less touristic.
The Food is good, but more important is the setting. Under large trees in the village center, beside the teahouse, in front of the mosque.
We asked the proprietor what kind of herbs there are in his Cacik (Joghurt). He walked to next flowerbed and showed us his pepermints.
We had Pide with Cacik, and it was delicious.


Ein guter Platz um den Urlaub zu beginnen oder ausklingen zu lassen.

And if you happen to stop on your way in Antalya,don't miss the

Castle Cafe
Bar & Restaurant

Where Students torture their mobile phones.

Unbelievable, just a few meters from the high touristic old harbour of Antalya, there is a cafe where local students dominate.
It is located just 20 Meters north of the tower "Hıdırlık Kulesi". If you walk the Hıdırlık Sokak above the Harbour to the south, you pass the back entrance. If you miss it, you have to fight your way past two very aggressiv tourist restaurants to the tower.

The cafe resides high above the sea on a cliff. And the customers play a funny game. If some people leave a table in the first row, the people in the second row (they are in a better position) run like hell to the first row. And the people in the third row run to the second to get a better position in case somebody in the first....

The meals are good. And I got the feeling that the here served Hamburgers are also worth a try. They just looked great.

We could sit here for hours. With a plate of water melon (karpuz) or a cold beer and good music, it is very easy to calm down if you just arrived from germany or anywhere else.

It's just the best place in town!


Wandern in Göreme und Kappadokien.

Hier finden sie Beschreibungen zu kleineren Wanderungen um Göreme,
sowie eine Kappadokien Wanderkarte. Wer mag, findet hier auch
ein Paar Worte türkisch aus dem Grundwortschatz 50.
Und es gibt Tipps zur besten Reisezeit,.
sowie eine Galerie mit Impressionen aus Kappadokien.